Etymology of HCE
Joyce and McLuhan are the twin syringes of my cyberial function. Finnegans Web houses the James Joyce oeuvre in electronic form and is hosted at Trent University in Peterborough,  Ontario by Donald Theall, Marshall McLuhan's first PhD student.  Check out his papers there and Beyond The Orality/Literacy Dichotomy:James Joyce And The Pre-History Of Cyberspace

Charles Cave's James Joyce Web Page in Sydney, Australia 

James Joyce's Ulysses in Hypermedia An electronic presentation of Joyce's Ulysses, featuring: verbal, visual, and audio annotations and explanations a library of criticism and scholarship on Ulysses photographs, videos, and sound recordings related to Ulysses layered annotations and explanations to satisfy the needs of users ranging from beginners to scholars contributions from over 115 Joyce critics, scholars, and readers clear and easy navigation a visual design that exploits the aesthetic potentials of the computer medium

The Picture and the Letter: Male and Female Creativity in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake 

Must See Flash Animation from the Japanese Finnegans Wake 

Robotwisdom.com the James Joyce Portal or the Fast Joyce Portal

University of California at Santa Barbara
Review by Riverend Sterling from FWAKE-L 

References to HCE in the novel Finnegans Wake by James Joyce 

References to ALP

Howth Castle and Environs 3.3
Haroun Childeric Eggeberth 4.31
he calmly extensolies
Hic cubat edilis 7.22
happinest childher everwere
How Copenhagen ended 10.21
Hither, craching eastuards
Hag Chivychas Eve
Hush! Caution! Echoland! 13.5
How charmingly exquisite! 13.6
Heathersmoke and cloudweed Eire's 13.22
Hither, craching eastuards 17.25
Hence, cool at ebb 17.26
A hatch, a celt, an earshare 18.30
Hark, the corne entreats! 21.3
Homericgh, castle and earthenhouse 21.13
Humme the Cheapner, Esc 29.18
Here Comes Everybody 32.18
Habituels conspicuously emergent
H. C. Earwicker
he clearly expressed
High Church of England 36.29
He'll Cheat E'erawan 46.1
haardly creditable edventyres
haughty, cacuminal, erubescent
Humpheres Cheops Exarchas 62.21
huge chain envelope
Hacthes Cocks' Eggs
haught crested elmer
hypnos chilia eonion
his corns either
highly commendable exercise
high chief evervirens
H2 C E3
had claimed endright
He Can Explain
Horus-coup even
Howke Cotchme Eye
Huffy Chops Eads
Hear! Calls! Everywhair
heptagon crystal emprisoms
Ham's cribcracking yeggss 76.5
Helmingham Erchenwyne Rutter Egbert Crumwall Odin Maximus Esme Saxon
Esa Vercingetorix Ethelwulf Rupprecht Ydwalla Bentley Osmund Dysart Yggdrasselmann 88.20
(First letters spell out HERE COMES EVERYBODY -- HCE)
Hagious curious encestor 96.34
Howforhim chirrupeth everreachbird! 98.36
Homo Capite Erectus 101.12
He Can Explain 105.14
Huffy Chops Eads 106.32
hoveth chieftains evrywehr 131.7
Hereditatis columna erecta 131.30
Hagion chiton eraphon 131.30
hallucination, cauchman, ectoplasm
hard cashed earned
Hewitt Castello, Equerry
heavengendered, chaosfoedted, earthborn
caller herring everydaily 136.26
H. C. Enderson 138.16
Henressy Crump Expolled
East Conna Hillock 160.12
his cornaille existence 173.20
history, climate and entertainment 173.23
Henressy Crump Expolled  176.7
Huges Caput Earlyfouler 197.8
Her Chuff Exsquire
her calamity electrifies
Hircus Civis Eblanensis! 215.27
he can eyespy
heather cliff emurgency
Howarden's Castle, Englandwales 242.33
Hulker's cieclest elbownunsense
Housefather calls enthreateningly
human chain extends
Hocus Crocus, Esquilocus 254.20
his chthonic exterior
Hoo cavedin earthwright 262.10
Haud certo ergo
Hispano-Cathayan-Euxine 263.13
Castillian-Emeratic-Hebridian 263.14
Espanol-Cymric-Helleniky? 263.15
Honour commercio's energy 264.1
helm coverchaf emblem 274.1
hce che ech
habby cyclic erdor
his craft ebbing
hof cullchaw end
Hengler's Circus Entertainment 307.8
harbour craft emittences
harmonic condesner enginium
howdrocephalous enlargement 310.6
Howe cools Eavybrolly! 315.20
Hircups Emptybolly! 321.15
Heave, coves, emptybloddy! 324.11
hero chief explunderer
her changeable eye
Hermyn C. Entwhistle
how comes over
heaviest corpsus exemption
Heri the Concorant Erho 328.25
Horuse to crihumph over his enemy 328.34
hippychip eggs 329.1
how comes ever 356.10
Here endeth chinchinatibus 367.4
hugon come errindwards 371.36
Horkus chiefest ebblynuncies! 373.12
Hence counsels Ecclesiast 374.23
Hung Chung Egglyfella 374.34
hulm culms evurdyburdy
hear, Caller Errin
highly continental evenements
his cats- eye
Hired in cameras, extra! 375.14
Hang coersion everyhow! 378.27
hospitable corn and eggfactor 380.11
home cooking every
home cured emigrant
he could ever
Eusebian Concordant Homilies 409.36
His Christian's Em? 419.20
Here Commerces Enville 420.20
Helpless Corpses Enactment 423.31
His Esaus and Cos 433.20
Ecce Hagios Chrisman! 480.14
Hunkalus childared Easterhelp 480.20
his coglionial expancian
him circuly. Evovae
Hodie casus esobhrakonton
house of Eddy's Christy 481.36
Hell's Confucium and the Elements! 485.35
Hullo Eve Cenograph 488.22
Hosty's and Co, Exports 497.26
How culious an epiphany! 508.11
Hodie casus esobhrakonton? 508.12
Hostages and Co, Engineers 518.16
homosexual catheis of empathy 522.30
Hotchkiss Culthur's Everready 523.14
hosty in his comfy estably 523.27
homelies of creed crux ethics 525.2
Human Conger Eel! 525.27
eirenarch's custos himself 532.1
Ho, croak, evildoer! 532.3
handshakey congrandyoulikethems, ecclesency
Eternast cittas, heil! 532.6
Haveth Childers Everywhere 535.34
Hodder's and Cocker's erithmatic 537.36
Hery Crass Evohodie 546.10
her chastener ever
huge Chesterfield elms
Holiday, Christmas, Easter
Horsehem coughs enough
Hemself and Co, Esquara 557.1
heathen church emergency 574.7
Hecklar's champion ethnicist
Herenow chuck english 579.20
Heinz cans everywhere 581.5
huckiest coaxing experimenter
Humphrey, champion emir 582.26
hugest commercial emporialist
honoured christmastyde easteredman 590.22
Heliotropolis, the castellated, the enchanting 594.8
Horned cairns erge 594.24
hullow chyst ex
Edar's chuckal humuristic 594.28
Henge Ceolleges Exmooth 594.36
hoseshoes, cheriotiers and etceterogenious 595.23
hailed chimer's ersekind 596.5
holiday crowd encounter 596.16
hygiennic contrivance socalled from the editor 596.19
hullow chyst ex-
Homos Circas Elochlannensis! 600.29
Higgins, Cairns and Egen 604.6
Hagiographice canat Ecclesia 604.19
Hump cumps Ebblybally 612.15
Health, chalce, endnessnessessity! 613.27
helpyourselftoastrool cure's easy
Have we cherished expectations? 614.23
heroticisms, catastrophes and eccentricities 614.36
hophazards can effective 615.7
hardest crux ever
hartiest that Coolock ever 616.2
hairy of chest, hamps and eyebags 616.14
Hoteform, chain and epolettes 623.17

References to ALP

askes lay. Phall
Apud libertinam parvulam 7.23
alp 17.34
annie lawrie promises 38.21
along landed Paddy
a lilyth, pull
a lady's postscript
at length presuaded
Any lucans, please
any luvial peatsmoor
and leadlight panes
Amy Licks Porter 106.32
a lovely park
and lice, pricking
any lively purliteasy
a lunger planner's
a little present
a loose past
and Le P
alp 119.20
Amnis Limina Permanet 153.2
Annushka Lutetiavitch Pufflovah 207.8
Aches-les-Pains 213.18
Anna was, Livia is, Plurabelle's to be 215.24
All Ladies's presents 221.31
and letters play
apes. Lights, pageboy
alla ludo poker
an litlee plads
af liefest pose
Aysha Lali- pat
a lonely peggy
appia lippia pluvaville
Art, literature, politics
American Lake Poetry
a luckybock, pledge
Anna Lynchya Pourable! 325.4
anny livving plusquebelle 327.6
anit likenand please-
annapal livibel prettily
a locally person
alley loafers passinggeering
a lyncheon partyng
amnest plein language 333.27
Aquasancta Liffey Patrol 380.3
and last pre-
Auld Letty Plussiboots
and Luse polkas
and love potients
Anna Lynsha's Pekoe
Alp 420.18
alpman 478.10
alpybecca's 483.19
Athlone Poursuivant 498.12
Annabella, Lovabella Pullabella 512.10
absque- litteris puttagonnianne 
asseveralation. Ladiegent, pals 
a libidous pickpuckparty
and Lorencz Pattorn 
Appia Lipia Pluviabilla 548.6 
Annshee lispes privily 
ambling limfy peepingpartner 
all ladies please 
Alma Luvia, Pollabella 
As leisure paces 
A lintil pea 
addle liddle phifie 
a lugly parson 
a lady pack 
annie lawrie promises 
arboro, lo petrusu 
a lane picture a
cta legitima plebeia 
Annos longos patimur 
and lited, pleaded 
are lovely, pitounette 
Amnis Limina Permament 
my annie, my lauralad, my pisoved 548.12 
alpine plurabelle 553.25 
allporterous 560.31 
the annamation of evabusies, 
the livlianess of her laughings, such as a plurity of bells! 568.4 
Alla tingaling pealabells! 569.12 
alptrack 577.23 
ambling limfy peepingpartner 580.25 
Halp! 590.25 
alpsulumply 595.19 
Alma Luvia, Pollabella 619.16 
allaniuvia pulchrabelled 627.27


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